While the area now stands open, the indented concrete floor suggests this area once held large objects
Diagonal lines are a feature of this stairway inside the former E. B. Eddy mill that spans the Quebec and Ontario sides of the Chaudière Falls
Circles big and small are easily found in an industrial site such as the former E. B. Eddy Mill
Horizontal and diagonal lines contrasting with curved wires offered up an interesting image
Part of the fun of exploring an old industrial site is trying to guess what things were used for, like this opening in a wall
Once home to large machines, this room is now empty and boarded off to prevent the unwary from falling to the floor below
Colour and shape contrasts are the main features of this image taken in the former E. B. Eddy Mill
Sometimes it pays to look up as well as around, since the ceiling also holds interest
Light painting within the former E. B. Eddy Mill and a fortuitous accident.
Mist in the air from the damp conditions gives this corridor a ghoulish feeling
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