I love backlighting and rich, saturated colours. These little guys were only a few inches tall and lit by the soft morning light.
This composition combines red, green and blue elements balanced with the trunk of a birch tree
A lone tree is a favourite subject of mine. Here I've found one separated from the rest of the forest with an interesting sky to provide balance to the frame
The bare tree and its reflection are the main subject here, although the clouds in the sky are also interesting and somewhat tree-like in shape.
In this shot I was going for an abstract composition and deliberately maintained high contrast to emphasize the pattern
Red is the colour that most draws our eye. Here I found a touch of red on a S-curved pair of branches
Several events were organized for visitors to the forest, including horse-drawn rides
The Canadian Raptor Conservancy provided a display of several raptors and here an owl awaits the signal from its handler to take flight
Its very impressive to see raptors fly and demonstrate their hunting skills. Here you see a turkey vulture a moment before it captures a tasty treat
Eagles are truly magnificent birds and surprizing large to those of us used to small song birds. Here an eagle is giving me "the eye"
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