I found the arrangement of oval shapes and cylinders made for an attractive composition
Actually, we were assured that there was no asbestos in the areas that we were visiting, so this pipe was presumably checked for leaks
The green comes from reflections and the greenish light in the area, and complements the bold statement of the dominant red pipe
I love the shape and the light being reflected by this old fixture, amongst the general state of decay of the ceiling
This is a composite of several shots taken to deal with the bright doorway and the dark interior
Its not strictly an abstract, but I find the arrangement of shapes and colours have an abstract quality
This composite of several exposures seeks to express the mood of mystery and decay of the abandoned mill
I wonder how bad this problem was to motivate this instruction. In any case, there wasn't time during our visit for any pissing around.
The juxaposition of the yellow jacket with the red pipe is the main subject here, with some additional interest provided by the blue lighting on some of the beams
The shape of the red pipe set amongst the green shadows on the pillars caught my eye in this composition
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