Trees are facinating subjects. Here I'm looking at the shape of the rising branch accented with new fallen snow.
This was framed as a high key shot with snow in the background. There was a breeze blowing, so it took some work to get the sharpness I wanted.
There is something about this scene that I find quite attractive. Perhaps its the alignment of the branches and the ground or the spots of colour provided by the dead leaves.
This is a macro shot of a pine branch that speaks to me of new life patiently awating the arrival of spring.
I was particularly interested in the shape formed by this dead milkweed.
This shot captures the mood of the day - overcast with a light snow falling, not many people, and wonderfully quiet and serene.
I often find myself drawn to trees. Here we see the warmth and solidity of the trees surrounded by the softness and coolness of the new fallen snow.
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