There are always ways to make interesting photos. Normally, harsh sunlight isn't ideal for landscapes, but on this outing it was perfect because it rendered wonderful lines of shadow.
This particular tree stood at the entrance to the forest Interpretation Centre in a lawn area that was perfect for capturing the shadow that it cast.
The glistening ice and the sweeping lines formed by the snow and ice are what captured my eye in this photo.
I love shooting in winter in part because of the opportunities to capture shots like this one of flowing lines of shadow in the snow.
This is the main road leading from the Interpretation Centre into Limerick Forest, boardered with majestic trees on either side.
The wonderful thing about snow is that it helps to hide the clutter of the forest floor that enables shots like this to be made.
The forest is home to deer and other wildlife and there were many tracks in the fresh snow.
The Friends of Limerick Forest run several events during the year. On the day I visited they had sleigh rides and other activities for visitors.
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