The sweeping curve of the cool foreground together with the warm background illuminated with rays from the sun are the key compositional elements of this shot.
The observation platform provides an excellent vantage point to see the waterfalls at Coulonge.
Backlit ice on the surface of the river presented several interesting abstract compositions such as this one.
One of the members of our photography group unwittingly happened to be in the right place for me to line up this shot.
An underwater barrier creates the first of several waterfalls at Coulonge.
This shot was taken along the bank of the river preceding the waterfalls.
This shot was framed to show three layers depicting states of water: snow, ice, and running water, all surrounded by mist.
I see a face in this ice formation; do you? The "expression" of the face together with the spray of water make this photo for me.
This secondary flow at Coulonge was frozen during our visit. The barrier over which the water flows and a footbridge are shown in the background.
Several parts of the landscape presented interesting "facial" features when viewed from the right angle.
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