Taken at the Steam Plant at Upper Canada Village, this shot evokes feelings of age and decay.
This gear can be found outside the Steam Flour Mills at Upper Canada Village. Colour contrast and texture were emphasized.
Found outside the Steam Flour Mills at Upper Canada Village, there are many contrasts offered in this image.
I find the juxaposition of the child's doll and the poster for the lady's dress interesting in this shot.
I couldn't resist this shot, taken at Upper Canada Village, especially since they were happy to stay still and pose.
The reflection in the water caught my eye. Taken at Loucks Farm at Upper Canada Village.
I saw the bull walking over to drink and waited for him while I lined up the shot with the iconic church in the background.
The sheep were quite content to have their portraits taken, and even managed a smile for the camera.
The sow at Upper Canada Village's Ross Farm had recently given birth, and this shot was framed to evoke the feelings of tenderness of the mother with her offspring.
While the blacksmith's workroom is quite cluttered, I found the anvil and its markings especially interesting.
This magnificent tree at Upper Canada Village is enormous and beautifully textured and shows the profile of a face from this angle.
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