A causeway runs along the southern edge of the conservation area and crosses a bay of the Ottawa River. The area is full of old tree stumps.
Morning light filtering through the trees beautifully lit this quiet pond filled with driftwood and the sound of frogs.
This fallen tree almost seems alive as it rises above the still water with only a few water insects for company.
The conservation area has many scenic lookouts. This particular view is from one just across the causeway.
A rock wall borders parts of the causeway, and this is one of several ferns that struggle to live on the rock face.
There were many wild flowers in bloom under the forest canopy. This one was found along the Island Loop trail.
Another wild flower found along the Island Loop trail, this lily caught the perfect angle of the morning sun.
Along with ferns, several trees took root in the rock wall bordering the causeway.
The causeway was a busy area with many people traversing to and fro, but there was stillness and serenity there too for those who sought it.
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