Signage on a run down building in Smith's Falls, Ontario. Lots of character in the old brick wall and the faded lettering.
Not what I was expecting to see in a sleepy small town, but who knows, maybe it's livelier than I thought.
Smith's Falls is full of old stone buildings, and this detail caught my eye as I walked past.
Long past it's original use, this bridge serves as a gallery for the local graffitti artists
This was shot on the oldest Scherzer Rolling Lift bascule bridge in Canada, located in Smith's Falls Ontario
This old building in Perth, Ontario, has certainly seen better days.
I couldn't resist this shot, taken just before Halloween, in Perth, Ontario.
Multiple posters and the passage of time combined to assemble a compelling image; I merely recorded it.
We were fortunate to visit Stewart Park in Perth, Ontario on a rainy, overcast day, when the colours of fall just exploded into view.
Having already lost it's leaves, and moistened from the rain, this stark tree seemed to stand guard for it's bretheren that stood behind it.
Gorgeous colour and soft lighting combined to make a magical scene in Stewart Park.
As you can probably tell, the willow tree is a reflection in the stream that flows past, into which it seems to weep.
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