A very small part of a very large engine. I've played with the light and colour to add some drama.
The largest aircraft in the collection is this Lancaster, and the museum has thoughtfully opened the bomb bay doors to let us see what are (presumably) bomb replicas.
There are several engines on display at the museum. In this case, I found these horizontal cylinders of interest.
This is a detail from an engine, that I found more interesting rotated to this vertical orientation.
The museum has an area set aside for piston-driven engines. They make wonderful photographic subjects.
Another piston-driven engine at the museum. I'm especially fond of the colours in this treatment.
The loop of wire was intentionally selected as the focal point, framed amongst a symmetrical arrangement of curves and lines.
This shot was framed to emphasize the line of the propeller surrounded by the circular cutouts in the fusillage.
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