The blacksmith was essential to pioneer life, and a visit to his forge is likewise essential to any photo outing to Upper Canada Village.
This shot was taken at the General Store in Upper Canada Village. It was shot handheld in fairly low light.
One of the joys of visiting Upper Canada Village is that the reenactors are all used to being photographed. This one is acting as the shopkeep at the General Store.
Several homesteads are portrayed at Upper Canada Village. In this case the reenactor is playing the role of a farmer's wife and doing her chores.
This photograph required some extra work in post production to balance the bright light on the man's face with the low illumination in the rest of the barn.
Several of the reenactors at Upper Canada Village have been playing their part for many years, including the shoemaker shown here.
As my friend and I were walking by, my eye was immediately drawn to the unusual shape of this tree.
This reenactor has been working in the Printing Office for as long as I can remember. She's quite knowledgeable too.
Even putting aside the photographic opportunities, Upper Canada Village (and similar recreations) offer a facinating glimpse into the past.
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