I wanted to express a tranquil mood in this shot, so the sky and the water are both very smooth and I've chosen to work with soft pastel colours.
Odd numbers, and particularly threes, are very aesthetically pleasing, and here I've arranged three rocks along a diagonal in an otherwise empty scene to give them additional strength.
Water ripples are a favourite photographic subject because of their abstract quality. Here, I've also made use of the blue/gold colour contrast to add additional impact.
Knowing that the sky was overcast and featureless, I felt sure that this dead tree could make for a very graphic composition. I rotated the shot so that the tree leans to the right and gives it additional power.
As soon as I saw this tree, I knew that it lent itself to a strong graphical composition. While there is a trace of colour, it is almost black and white.
In truth, the rock was more grey than red, but who wants to look at grey rocks? I intended this as an abstract.
I took several shots like this, but I find this one the most interesting. It's basically a study in lines and circles.
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