This exuberant horse was wary of being judged at the 2017 Metcalfe Fair
The Metcalfe Fair has a bit of everything, including this colourful character who liked to chat with visitors.
This unusual perspective emphasizes the height of the ferris wheel and contrasts it's shape against that of the clouds.
These cows sought comfort from each other in a quiet part of a very busy barn.
This photograph is all about repeating shapes and implied lines converging on the judge.
This single frame captures a lot of what happens at the Metcalfe Fair. There is order here, as well as chaos.
Shot from waist height using a wide angle lens, I am particularly pleased with both the story and composition of this photo.
I was very lucky to get the sun flare in the perfect position on this shot. This was taken at waist height, between the rungs of the fence.
This is my favourite of many shots taken with different horses and drivers taken on this track at the 2017 Metcalfe Fair.
Perhaps the message in this shot is too subtle, but the presence of the man and child is what makes this shot for me.
This is a tiny element of a floral display that had been placed in front of a dark cloth background. I ignored the rest of the display but saw this shot immediately.
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