It was cloudy and rainy without much colour in the sky, but we did get a brief opening in the clouds that I was able to take advantage of.
This colourful arrangement of (mostly) maple leaves, with one dominant leaf, caught my eye.
I took several shots of this red/green scene, but this shot most clearly emphasizes the main subject
Simplicity of composition with a limited depth of field was the main consideration with this shot.
It took some effort to get into position to take this shot, but I wanted this composition.
Forests are inherently quite visually cluttered, so I sought a position where the diagonal tree would be dominant against the vertical trees in the background.
Tree roots are fascinating subjects, especially when they are old and gnarly like this. I can imagine seeing different things in these roots.
This shot is all about circles - the rock, the arc of its surrounding leaves, and then the arc of the river.
Seven shots needed to be focus merged to create this final result. There are many repeating patterns here.
This little detail is easy to miss. I first saw the interesting horizontal lines, and then saw this composition with the curl of bark and the strong vertical line.
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