I was intrigued by the cluster of yellow leaves and the shaft of sunlight across the puddle in the foreground, and sought a composition that included both.
This colourful photo required several shots to be assembled (focus merged).
These are the same mushrooms from the previous photo, but shot from a different angle where the light gave them a somewhat different colour.
Red is such a powerful colour that it tends to stand out wherever it is found. Here I've framed it against yellows and greens and included a spot of red in the reflection.
I try to make a point of looking everywhere, including down, when on a nature walk. I enjoy the textures in this photo.
I tried several variations of this macro shot, looking for the most pleasing composition.
While midday light generally isn't ideal, here the harsh shadows help to provide separation between the mushrooms, and emphasize them against the dark log.
I'm not sure whether this is a bud or not, but it provides a point of interest within the sweep of the pine needles.
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