I'm in the habit of looking up, down and behind me while shooting, since you never know when you'll see something interesting. In this case it was a colourful rock with an intriguing pattern of cracks.
The lonely tree is a common subject and silouettes are a common technique. Here I've combined them with interesting clouds and a sunset.
Somewhat of a study of stillness and solitude. A strong foreground is placed against a very quiet background.
I love making these sorts of photographs, where I try to combine interesting colours and textures into a pleasing composition.
A simple design intended to evoke feelings of stillness and quiet. At any other time of year the birch trees wouldn't have stood out from the background as well.
This scene stopped me dead in my tracks. The structure of the tree gives weight and interest within the attractive environment of gold grasses set against the blue sky.
Milkweed pods offer a beautiful cascade of soft filaments, that I have here combined with soft curling branches in the background.
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