I placed the dominant half-moon shape within a series of flowing horizontal lines. The three black dots at the upper left were retained to balance the composition.
Sweeping lines and shapes flow predominantly from left to right, and in the upper right a bright ellipse was kept in the shot to balance the dominant sweeping shape.
There is a bit of yin and yang to this shot, which was rotated so that the sweep would be upward to the right.
This is my favourite shot from the Museum of History. Contrasting colours and oriented so that the shapes sweep upwards to the right.
Vertical shapes set within a blue background.
Diagonal trapazoidal shapes. The amount of sky was chosen to balance the composition with the predominant concrete.
Diagonal and vertical lines. The seating rectangles add a focal point at the base of the image and help to balance the light triangle of sky at the top.
Very similar to the shot taken at the Holocaust Memorial, we have a bright central line connecting triangles at top and bottom.. The texture of the right wall adds further interest.
Basically a strong vertical line, with a dark horizontal line to ground the image at the bottom, and a circle in the upper right to balance the composition.
A tree in bloom overlaid with a yellow bush. I positioned the shot of the bush so that the yellow would align with the blossoms on the tree.
A tree overlaid with a field of dandilions that had mostly gone to seed. I find that this composition has a painterly quality to my eyes.
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