A sunny day in the forest offers many shots like this one. Here, I tried to position myself so that the main verticals were separated from each other and provided an implied diagonal from lower left to upper right.
This backlit tree seemed eager to have it's photo taken, and I was happy to oblige, and use the trail and trail marker as balancing elements.
Something made a nice spiral path leading to the snow-covered mound, and I was happy to take advantage of these in this photo.
I've photographed this tree many times, but because the pond was frozen over, this is the first time I was able to walk out onto the pond to get this particular perspective.
I often need to get on my knees or belly to frame the shot I want. The story here is to contrast the young tree with the mature tree that it may one day become.
I took several shots of this, some closer and others, like this one, a bit further away, trying to minimize the detail in the background.
Fortunately there wasn't much wind while I worked on getting this shot, so I could concentrate on the framing and minimizing distractions in the background.
This was a fun shot to take and I took several based on the same idea. I was looking in particular at the position of the neighbouring trees in the frame and how the sky surrounded the main subject.
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