A rusted dumpster provided many opportunities for abstract interpretation. Even better, there was some writing on the dumpster that could be included creatively.
It's just the side of a building, but the symmetry of the windows and the diagonals expressed by the fire escape were appealing to my eye.
A graphic image that I framed and rotated to be reminiscent of a sunrise or rising flames.
The solid ice and water divide the frame along a diagonal, and a circular area of broken ice framed within the water is the center of interest.
Patterns of snow on the surface of the ice offered many opportunities for abstract interpretation, as in this image.
I framed this to capture the strong triangular shape, and then rotated the image so the triangle would point upward.
Basically a straight shot of water flowing over the rocks, but framed (and warped a bit) to minimize extraneous detail in the background.
This is a 9-shot handheld panorama which was stitched together in Lightroom.
The composition consists of three horizontal layers: a foreground with interesting ice shapes, a middle ground with a flat rock for the eye to rest on, and the background of falling water.
The S-shape formed by the water is what drew my eye to this shot.
An interesting weather vane with a building pointing towards it and clouds symmetrically placed on either side.
This particular waterfall is around the back of the Metcalfe Geoheritage Park, as viewed from the power station.
This is a 19-shot handheld panorama that was stitched together in Lightroom. The file is 1.01 GB in size. Display on the web does not do justice to the tremendous amount of detail in the file.
What I was looking at was the arc of the waterfall on the right framed by the waterfall at the top and the ice at the bottom.
An interesting block of ice suspended above an ice flow. I was aiming for a fairly simple composition with a lot of negative space represented by the water.
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