The view from the main observation platform, showing the falls on the left, the logging chute on the right, and the two walkway bridges in the background.
A closer view of the waterfall and the first walkway bridge.
To the right of the logging chute, there was this beautiful ice formation.
Walking from the main observation platform to the first bridge, there was a second observation platform with a view across the waterfall towards the second bridge.
From the second observation platform, this is a 3-shot panorama giving a tight view towards the first bridge.
There were many opportunities to photograph the violence of the water. This is an example shot from the second observation platform.
In addition to struggling with the snow underfoot, the occasional gust of wind would coat us with snow from the trees.
From the first walkway bridge, one had a magnificent view of the river surging towards the falls and the main observation platform.
A closer view from the first bridge back to the main observation platform.
From the first bridge there was also an interesting view up-river, towards a dam forming an artificial lake.
A detail shot of the river, looking back from the first bridge.
From the second bridge there was a view of both the main and second observation platforms. The weather was starting to change by this point and the sky was darkening.
A detail shot of the river from the second bridge.
From the second bridge, here is a tighter shot of the main observation platform in it's forest context.
Behind the second bridge was a wonderful winter scene. I was particularly intrigued with the pattern of bare patches on the ice-covered lake, and chose my composition accordingly.
Snow-covered trees were everywhere. Here, I composed a shot concentrating on three that provided a somewhat symmetrical grouping.
Walking back, there was a third observation platform from which this shot was taken. It was composed to visually balance the building with the S-shaped patch of bare ice on the lake.
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