Like many photographers, I have lots of software tools available. In this case, the straight shot didn’t quite work for me, so I decided to try some different processing. I rather like the result.
In this shot I was drawn to the sweep of the stem that served to frame the flower near the centre that I chose as the focal point for the composition.
I love the backlighting that is the main feature of this photograph, along with a very simple composition.
Backlighting of leaves gives them a magical glow that I can’t resist. The diagonal composition lends additional energy to this photograph.
The small fruit in the foreground is the subject and the only thing in focus. The shape of the remaining plant offer leading lines to reinforce the attention given to this fruit.
The mature trees offer a serene stage in which this backlit tree seems to burst forth in joy.
I’ve taken many shots like this in different places and seasons: youth emerging amongst the mature.
After much searching, we did find a few remaining orchids. Here is one, a bit beyond it’s peak, but nicely lit by the sun.
A typical forest scene. Here, I’ve chosen the cut log in the patch of sunlight to serve as the focal point and arranged the composition accordingly.
I took a side path to a lookout but didn’t find much of interest. But on the way back I noticed this tree with a profusion of branches that I found quite appealing.
Due to the breeze, I needed several tries to capture a sharp photograph of this plant, that is nicely lit and framed with a dark background.
Ye olde facilities. At least there was this. I didn’t need to use it on this outing, but I have had occasion to seek comfort hidden behind a large tree when this sort of thing wasn’t available.
Where would I be without backlighting! It always pays to look around, and in this case I was looking straight up with the forest canopy providing a dappled background.
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