As I waited for my friend to arrive, I took some photographs outside the Gallery. This shows the prominent dome of glass at the South-West corner.
There are many photographs of Maman, the enormous spider sculpture adjacent to the entrance of the Gallery. Here, I was trying for a different view, where the shadow reveals what the subject is and only three leg tips are showing.
Here is a different view of the Maman sculpture with the Peace Tower of Canada’s Parliament in the background and the Canadian flag as a spot of red to draw the eye.
Inside the Gallery, I had fun forming abstract compositions of the brightly coloured walls and ceilings.
The curved ceiling in several of the galleries provided opportunities to compose dramatic shots with bold sweeping lines.
Here is another ceiling shot emphasizing dramatic colours and a bold sweeping shape.
Courtyards within the Gallery are filled with natural light during the day and on bright days there are strong shadows cast by the frame of the skylight. Here, I’ve combined these shadows with a view of the Gallery contents through a courtyard window.
Here is another abstract composition where I’ve made use of the colourful walls and ceilings and included the track for hanging paintings as a bit of extra punch.
The service ladder and its reflection adds a point of interest to the repetitive pattern of lines formed by the frame of a skylight.
This is a study of geometry and symmetry, where I’ve positioned the dome of the gallery directly in line with the skylight running along a corridor.
Looking up within the dome of the Gallery I found this (nearly) symmetrical arrangement of beams and triangles. The reflections in the windows break up the pattern somewhat and make it a little more interesting.
Within the dome, the Gallery had installed these triangular blinds. The composition directs the eye to the ring at the top of the frame, and to my eye at least gives the photograph a somewhat religious appearance.
An exhibition of Dave Heath photographs was running during our visit and a large promotional photograph was on display. I was fortunate to capture an unknown photographer in the perfect position walking past.
It took me a while to get just the right angle for this enigmatic shot, which I quite like. It wouldn’t have worked nearly as well if all the walls were the same colour.
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