I was drawn to the repetition of shapes, and in particular the arcs reflecting the overhead lighting. The orange/green colour contrast draws attention to these arcs.
I sought to make the silver spheres the center of interest. They are set within concentric circles of the cavity and surrounding nuts, and the cables serve as leading lines.
The fluid curves of the spark plug cables drew my eye to this shot. These contrast with the solidity of the vertical cylinders (particularly the silvery sections) and the horizontal pipe.
There are several triangles in this shot. The letter “A” draws our attention and forms one triangle, the metal on which it is stamped is another triangle, and the negative space forms other triangles.
I was thinking here about repetition, and I also flipped the photograph so that the wires would lean on the more natural right diagonal.
The many leading lines in this photograph draw our attention to the circular feature just off centre. The rust colour below the nut echoes the colour of the cable at the upper left.
My flash was indispensable here to light this feature. The sweep of the cable and the fins on the housing lead our attention to the rust coloured assembly at the upper right.
I composed this to have three layers of roughly equal size. The upper and lower layers have strong complementary colours, and are separated by the middle layer with interesting shapes and texture.
The red propeller cap is striking, and is set against adjacent areas of green, with the fins of the propeller drawing the eye inward.
This shot is all about diagonal lines, with the green fins of the turbine contrasting with reddish areas from the overhead lighting. My flash to the side produced the edge highlights on the fins.
This is another mixed lighting shot, where my flash was throwing light from the left while warmer museum light was illuminating from the right. The sweep of the turbine fin to the orange highlight makes this shot for me.
I was drawn to the arc of the turbine blades and positioned my flash to illuminate them from the left. Warm museum light is coming from above and highlighting the edges of the blades.
The museum had a vintage car on display, and this is a small section of chrome that I found made an interesting graphic image. I’ve rotated it to abstract it and increase its graphic impact.
An experiment in composition. Text draws the eye, especially when it’s in a corner of the frame. I’m using the text to balance all the detail in the upper right. Additionally, I find the shapes and textures interesting.
This is a tiny part of a large engine. The arcs create a visual flow to the upper right, but the cross member with its nut and wire break the flow and draw the eye.
This is the exhaust area of a jet engine but what I see is a strong triangular shape. Light from my flash has lit the background fuselage giving separation to the triangle while museum light adds colour contrast.
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