Limerick Forest 75th Anniversary

I have the good fortune to have a friend who's connected to the Friends of Limerick Forest, and thus I tend to hear about events that the Friends organize. In October 2015, the Friends organized a large celebration of the 75th anniversary of the formal designation of the forest by the Government. Naturally, I wanted to attend since I've photographed various parts of the forest with friends over the years. CLICK HERE to see some of the photos I took that day.

Limerick Forest is actually a collection of several parcels of land near Kemptville, Ontario. The celebration took place at the Interpretive Centre on Limerick Road and the adjoining forest. They expected, and received, a large turnout since it was a beautiful day, and they had many family-friendly activities available, including a horse-drawn ride around the Chalet Loop trail, a demonstration by the Canadian Raptor Conservancy, and a free lunch.

I spent the morning photographing along several of the trails and made it back to the Interpretive Centre to join some friends for lunch. Then a group of us did some more photography along the trails, before heading back to see the raptor presentation. It was a very enjoyable day!