Back to the E.B. Eddy Mill!

I expected that my trip to the E.B. Eddy / Domtar Mill in June would be my only opportunity to see this venue before it is demolished, but to my great surprise the Urban Group of the RA Photo Club were able to secure access and organized an outing there in November. Rather than repeat what I did in June, where I shot exclusively with a wide angle zoom lens, I restricted my shooting this time to a short telephoto (specifically a 105 mm macro) lens, and I tried to explore some areas that I didn't spend as much time in previously. CLICK HERE to see some of my photos from this trip.

There were two sessions, morning and afternoon, and 15 photographers permitted per session. I attended the morning session. Like the trip in June, there were the same three locations in the building: the steam room, the winding room, and the basement below the winding room. However, this time we weren't all herded together from one location to another. Instead, there were enough guides that we could split into three groups of 5 photographers each, and these groups rotated between the three locations. This worked much better as it almost eliminated us getting into each other's shots.

My group started with the steam room. The mill was powered by steam and this is the room where that steam was controlled. The room is full of pipes and valves as you can see in the photo for this blog post.

Our second location was the winding room, where the paper that the mill produced was wound into huge rolls. This was quite a large area with many interesting features.

Our last location was the basement that features three large green tanks. Since I did a lot of shooting around these tanks on my last trip, I elected to spend most of my time at the opposite end of the basement and in the corridors leading to the tanks.

I had another great time photographing this mill and I hope you enjoy some of the photographs that I came up with.