A Real Website at Last!

This website has been a long time coming, mainly because it's been one of those things that kept getting interrupted by other priorities, and also because of various frustrations along the way with website creation technology. But earlier this month I made the commitment to finally get it off the ground, and now it's live!

Although it isn't necessarily obvious, this website has been created using Squarespace, and for drawing my attention to Squarespace I'd be remiss not to give credit to Jamie Johnson. Jamie and I are both members of the RA Photo Club in Ottawa, Canada and he's given several presentations to the club on various photographic topics, including using Squarespace to create portfolio websites. After exploring several alternative approaches (some self-hosted and others where hosting and website creation are bundled into one service), I decided that Squarespace was the best approach for me. Is it perfect? No, of course not. There are some limitations and some tweaks that I'd like to do but can't. But it's an excellent choice for someone like me that wants a lot of scope to tailor a website the way I'd like, with a reasonably easy to use interface, and no need to get involved in sorting out technical issues. Although I've long wanted a website to present my work, I'd rather be working to improve my photography than wrestling with a website.

I've designed this site to give me the flexibility to both display recent work and portfolio images in various categories, but getting content fully in place will take some time. So for the first few months at least, content may be a bit thin. However, Squarespace gives me lots of room for growth, so hopefully this site will eventually have a rich selection of content.