Chutes Coulonge in Summer

I had such a great time photographing the Coulonge waterfalls in winter, that I happily accepted the suggestion of a friend that we have a look at them in summer. There were three of us and we spent about four hours in the park. CLICK HERE to see a few of my shots from this adventure.

There was no snow or ice to contend with, but it was a hot day, and while we were the only ones there in the winter, in the summer the park is well used by visitors. In winter I was most excited by the ice formations, but in summer it was the reddish colour of the rocks and the unrestrained energy of the water that most caught my eye.

There is a lot to photograph in this park and I can see myself returning again and again. It might be interesting to see in the fall with the colourful foliage, and very definitely again in the winter for the ice formations.