Morris Island Conservation Area

The Morris Island Conservation Area is along the Ottawa River near Fitzroy Harbour. There are several trails ranging from easy and wheelchair accessible through to ones that are somewhat rugged but not difficult. I chose a couple of those near the Southern edge of the park. CLICK HERE to see some of my photos from this outing.

This outing was organized by the Nature Group of the RA Photo Club, and although there were about a dozen photographers attending, I arrived a bit later than the others and chose the Southern trails whereas they went North. Thus, I was on my own, although I passed numerous other people on the trails, and at one point I could see the rest of the RA group across an inlet of the river.

I went South in part because it was forecast to be a hot day and I wanted to see the causeway across the inlet of the Ottawa River, and being exposed to the sun, it would become uncomfortably hot later in the day. Once on the causeway, I just kept going along the Southern part of the park, and took in the Island Loop that (as you might guess) circumnavigated one of the small islands enclosed by the park, I had a great time and intend to go back some day to explore the more Northerly trails that I missed.