Aviation and Space Museum

A real benefit of being a member of a photo club is that you can sometimes get special access to interesting places. Such was the case with the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, where the Urban Group of the RA Photo Club arranged after hours access to the museum so that a group of photographers could make use of tripods and other gear to capture high-quality photographs that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to get. CLICK HERE to see more of my photos from that outing.

The other benefit of this outing was that it was warm! Much nicer to photograph is shirt sleeves indoors than outdoors on a cold January evening in Ottawa. The museum is basically a large climate controlled hanger filled with a wide variety of vintage through modern aircraft, together with components like engines, and various information displays. While there is a small reference to Canada's (significant!) Space accomplishments, this museum is almost entirely about aircraft. With so many aircraft next to one another, and with the hanger structure and lighting invariably getting in the way, I concentrated mainly on picking out interesting details using my 105 mm macro lens. Happily there were many such details, and this was a very enjoyable evening.