Chutes Coulonge

Fort Coulonge is about an hour and a half drive from Ottawa on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River and the Nature Group of the RA Photo Club organized an outing to the nearby waterfalls in March 2016. These are spectacular falls and excellent to photograph in winter because of the equally spectacular ice formations formed by the spray of water! I felt really inspired by this location and will make a point to visit there again. CLICK HERE to see some of my shots from this outing.

We arrived about 8 am and the park staff were kind enough to open the gate early for us. It was surprisingly cold in the morning (or at least felt that way because the preceding week had been unseasonably warm) but warmed up by mid day when the attendees met for lunch and then gradually headed back to Ottawa. There are several different vantage points overlooking the falls, either from bridges, lookout platforms, or the ground itself. As well, I found some interesting shots in the ice that formed along the slow-flowing parts of the river.