Jack Pine Trail

The Jack Pine Trail is located slightly to the south and west of Ottawa in a large tract of green space managed by the National Capital Commission. In the winter it is frequented by skiers, snowshoers, and the occasional group of photographers. We arrived around 9:00 am and had the place almost all to ourselves until families with children started arriving by about 11:00 am. By then, we were getting ready to leave for our lunch destination at a local restaurant. CLICK HERE to see more of my photos from this outing.

Most of the group headed off together down one trail, but I went my own way down another. I like photographing with others, but not too many since I like some solitude also. This gave me the chance to feel the quiet and stillness of the trail, since there were few skiers that morning and we had a light snow falling. It was very serene and I spent most of my time looking for interesting details.