Plaisance Park and Falls

Plaisance Park is about an hour's drive from Ottawa on the Quebec side of the Ottawa river towards Montreal. The Nature Group of the RA Photo Club organized an outing there, as well as a side trip to the nearby Plaisance Falls. Although the park had been advertised as especially interesting to birders, I had never been there and wanted to see it, and the falls were only mentioned in passing. While I shot some photos in the park, which has quite a nice boardwalk, it ended up that the falls were where the real excitement was for me. CLICK HERE to see some of my photos from this trip.

The park is quite large and you could easily spend a full day exploring it. When we went, it was shortly after the snow had melted and before any new growth had started. In other words, rather brown and bare. There also weren't all that many birds, although I could certainly see that birds would favour this location during their migrations. I don't know how successful the bird photographers in our group made out, but as mainly a landscape photographer, there weren't a lot of great shots to be had. Another time of the year would have been better for me.

On the other hand, the falls were spectacular, no doubt because there was still ample water from the winter melt. My friend and I stopped at the falls after doing the park in the morning and then stopping in Montebello for lunch. He and I agreed that the falls really made the outing worthwhile for us. They definitely deserve a return visit.