2017 Metcalfe Fair

Having enjoyed myself at the 2016 fair, I returned in 2017 and had another great time. While I repeated some types of shots I took the year earlier, I also tried to find some new subjects or perspectives. CLICK HERE to see some of my photos from this return trip.

The Metcalfe Fair has a bit of everything: horses (from very small to very large), farm animals, farm equipment, crafts, fiddling and singing, amusements, and vendors of various types. There's lots to photograph, both outside and in several indoor locations. Some of this can be a bit challenging, due to harsh sunlight outside and very dim light inside, not to mention animals that don't look at you when you want them to, and limitations on how close you can get and which angles are available. Nevertheless, I came away with several shots that I'm quite happy with.

The one thing I haven't photographed there, neither last year nor this year, are the amusement park lights at night. So, I have another reason to go back there in a future year, along with taking more shots during daylight hours.