A Visit to Renfrew County Forest

A friend discovered Renfrew County Forest a while back and invited me along on a trip to go and explore it. It turns out there are 53 different tracks of land in this forest; we appear to have visited the Pershick track. CLICK HERE to see some of my photos from that trip.

It was a beautiful fall day, and although the peak of the fall colour had passed, we weren't disappointed with what the forest had to offer. I tried to take a mixture of shots, but ended up doing somewhat more with my 105 mm macro lens than with my wide angle. This isn't especially surprising since a wide angle is arguably better suited to more open scenes, and there are always small details suited to the macro lens that make excellent photographic subjects.

We spent several hours exploring the forest, and would have gone even a bit deeper into it, except that recent rains had flooded the access road that we were using as a trail, and there was no easy way around the water. It would be interesting to visit this forest again in a different season, and hopefully the opportunity will arise.