A Trip to the Metcalfe Fair

I had never gone to a country fair until the Urban Group of the RA Photo Club organized an outing to the Metcalfe Fair. Wow, talk about a photo bonanza! So many interesting things to shoot! I've selected a variety of things that I photographed that day. CLICK HERE to see these shots.

The fair grounds were quite extensive, and while I walked around most of it, I didn't go to the arena where some of the judging was taking place. The place was packed with people, and I had to park a distance away, but it was well organized. There were home crafts, and animals, and old machinery, and amusement rides, and competitions of all sorts. Having been once, next time study the schedule beforehand and choose specific things to see, but on this first foray I just wandered around to see what caught my eye.

There were about a dozen of us from the club that went, and I didn't see any of the others until we gathered at the pre-arranged place and time for a dinner together, which by the way was also quite good. It was a very fun day that I'll need to repeat!