Second Visit to the Aviation Museum

I enjoyed my prior photographic visit to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in 2016, so I jumped at the chance to visit again when the Urban Group of the RA Photo Club secured another opportunity in 2017. To keep things fresh, I decided to concentrate on different subjects than the first visit. CLICK HERE to see some of my photos from this return trip.

It's amazing how quickly time flies at the Aviation Museum (there's a pun in there somewhere), because the two hours that we had the museum to ourselves seemed to disappear so quickly. Having been there before, I knew I wanted a shot of the Lancaster bomb bay that I didn't get before, and I knew I wanted to spend more time in particular with the various engines on display, but even so it's hard to know where to point your camera with so many interesting shots around.

I could spend an entire day just photographing engines because they have so many interesting details. And if you're like me, capturing the shot is only half the fun. The real creative part comes later at the computer, to refine tone and colour to add drama and surprise and take the shot to a different level.