Limerick Forest at the End of Winter

I had an opportunity to visit Limerick Forest in March 2017 during an open house event. Normally, we'd have lots of snow at that time of year, but that winter was especially warm and when I arrived I discovered that there was very little snow on the ground. So what do you do when there's no snow to photograph? You photograph ice! CLICK HERE to see some of my photos from that memorable day.

My initial disappointment turned to excitement when I discovered a frozen creek and pond along one of the trails, with many interesting shapes frozen in the ice. With the temperature being above freezing, the ice was melting and there were pockets of liquid water and air just beneath the ice surface. It turned out to be a gold mine for photographs! I happily spent a couple of hours on this single pond, hunched over my tripod and using my macro lens to capture interesting patterns. It just goes to prove that one should arrive without expectations - there is always something worth photographing!