Farewell Jack Starkings


My friend Jack Starkings passed away on July 30, 2017 at 90 years of age after having suffered several strokes. He and I joined the RA Photo Club at about the same time a bit more than 10 years ago and soon became friends. We were part of a loosely knit group that often went on outings together and sat together at club meetings. We shared many good times. He will be sorely missed.

When I first knew Jack, he was quite physically active, and would take to the hiking trails with the rest of us, or wander around town if urban photography was more the theme. Even in his later years, when his balance and stamina started to suffer, he nevertheless came on outings and would stay by the car as the rest of us would wander off for a little while to take photographs. He simply enjoyed being out and about with other people. He was cheerful and full of stories of his younger years working with the Coast Guard and other places.

When the photo club resumes in September, it will seem smaller because he won't be there.