An Outing to Shirley's Bay

An outing was suggested to Shirley's Bay, which is part of the National Capital Commission greenbelt in Ottawa. I was especially interested to go because I've driven past this area literally hundreds of times (I used to work nearby), but had never seen this particular parkland area. CLICK HERE to see some of the photographs I took that day.

It turned out to be an overcast and rainy day, but my two friends and I persevered. For my part, I found myself looking mostly for moody and abstract shots, although this area is also frequented by those looking for birds and wildlife. I found the shoreline the most interesting area, and actually arrived a bit early so that I could spend more time there. Despite the on and off rain showers, we ended up spending more time photographing than we originally planned, and then went together for a nice dinner at a Chinese restaurant.