Richard Martin Workshop

I had the good fortune to attend a workshop given by the well-regarded photographer, Richard Martin, in May 2018. This workshop, organized by the RA Photo Club of which I am a member, was on the subject of Visual Design. CLICK HERE to see some of the photos I took during this workshop.

The workshop spanned two days (Saturday & Sunday) and was preceded by a presentation (Friday night) that was available to the public. During the classroom portion of the workshop, Richard used many of his own images to illustrate the concepts of visual design, namely attention to line, shape, form, and their arrangement in the frame. The workshop also included discussion of camera techniques such as multiple exposure and some discussion of post processing.

There were ample opportunities for the twelve workshop participants to experiment with these concepts over the two days since we visited several shooting locations; three on Day 1 and one on Day 2. The first location was the Canadian Museum of History, a wonderful museum not only for its contents but for the building itself, which was what we almost exclusively photographed. The second location was the National Holocaust Monument, which is an outdoor structure featuring strong geometrical shapes, and the nearby Canadian War Museum, again an interesting building, was the third location. On Day 2 we visited the Arboretum area of the Central Experimental Farm, which gave us ample opportunity to practice multiple exposure and other camera techniques. This second day is also when we worked on the images that we had shot over the two days, and contributed a small selection for discussion as a group and critique by Richard.

The workshop experience, while intense, is quite rewarding. Not only do you learn new things, but you get a chance to spend time with a very talented and invariably very warm and giving photographer such as Richard Martin, as well as your fellow workshop attendees.